School, camp and sports physicals

The doctors on SwiftMD can provide school, camp and sports physicals for children ages 6 and up. Many children require physicals for enrollment in public or private schools, admission into day or camps and for participation in school or club sports teams.

A child’s physical with SwiftMD is conducted by a licensed primary care doctor and includes:

  • A thorough and complete medical history
  • A full physical examination of all body systems
  • Education for parents and children on common signs of concussion
  • Guidance on the necessary immunizations
  • Completion of forms needed for sports, camp or school participation (forms must be provided by the child’s parent or guardian)

Annual physicals are also a great opportunity to ask your child’s doctor about any concerns you might have about your child’s growth and development. Doctors can offer guidance on how to cope with common changes to your child’s physical of mental health brought on by entering new phases of childhood and adolescence. Doctors may also catch previously undiagnosed common conditions during annual physicals, including growth and hormone disorders and musculoskeletal abnormalities such as rickets or scoliosis.

Your child’s doctor can also provide information about what, if any modifications should be made to their nutrition, sleep and exercise regimes, to ensure they continue to maintain good health as they grow. For children who play sport, an annual physical is a good opportunity to discuss how to prevent and treat common sports injuries and what healthy snacks to et to maintain their energy during the sports season.

If your child needs a physical for school, camp, or sports team participation, don’t hesitate to book a house call with SwiftMD.

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