A rash often called dermatitis is an area of irritated, inflamed skin that is sometimes red, itchy and can be painful.

There are many different types of dermatitis which can be caused by many different sources including allergens and irritants, skin infections and genetic conditions. A few of the most common rashes include contact dermatitis, nummular dermatitis and atopic dermatitis.

A licensed primary care doctor can assess your rash, provide a diagnosis and determine the appropriate protocol for treatment and prevention of further skin irritation. Your doctor can also determine if your rash is a symptom of an undiagnosed, untreated, underlying condition and provide a comprehensive treatment plan to address the root of your symptoms.  Where necessary a SwiftMD can write a referral letter to see a dermatologist (skin specialist).

If you have a rash that concerns you book a SwiftMD house call.  

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