Minor Surgical Procedures

The doctors on SwiftMD are able to handle selected minor surgical procedures in the comfort of your home.  Minor surgical procedures typically include any procedure that can safely be performed in an outpatient setting, without the use of general anaesthesia or the need for respiratory assistance. SwiftMD performs such procedures using a local anaesthetic delivered by injection. These include minor excisions, incisions and selected minor trauma cases.

Our minor procedures include but are not limited to

  • Removal of foreign objects from superficial wounds, ears, superficial eye, nose or vagina
  • Incision and Draining of abscess and pus
  • Ingrown toe-nails removal
  • Stitching and or removal of stitches from wounds and lacerations
  • Surgical dressing and wound care
  • Animal bites
  • Subdermal contraception insertion (jadelle and implanon)

If you need postoperative care, our doctors also have the experience to provide this service. This includes catheterization and caring for surgical wounds.

Book a house call with SwiftMD, and all your minor surgical procedures will be attended to by a skilled medical professional.

*Seek emergency medical attention if major trauma has occurred  

Our Doctors