As the coronavirus continues to affect more of our neighbors, we want to keep you all informed on the many ways that SwiftMD can serve your family’s healthcare needs.

Can SwiftMDs test for COVID-19?

Yes, SwiftMDs can do a COVID 19 tests for both symptomatic patients and those with risk factors. Covid19  tests can also be conducted on all patients that are planning on embarking on international travel.  If you need testing please book a telemedicine call and your COVID 19 test will be arranged through SwiftMD.


What is telemedicine screening for COVID19?

A telemedicine call is a SwiftMD talking with you by phone or video chat to help determine your risk level for covid19 and arrange the appropriate testing.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

the most common symptoms are cough, fever, and shortness of breath. Some patients may also experience fatigue, sore throat, bodyaches, and loss of appetite.


What should I do if I have COVID-19 symptoms?

Book a SwiftMD telemedicine call nd a swiftMD will talk with you by phone or video to help assess your symptoms and arrange for testing if appropriate.


What happens if I am identified as at risk for COVID 19?

If you are identified s at risk for COVID -19, your SwiftMD will provide you with tips to keep you safe and well at home while avoiding exposure to others. Your SwiftMD will also order prescriptions, coordinate any necessary testing, and arrange for a regular follow-up visit with us to ensure that you are getting better and support you along the way.   The vast majority of patients with COVID 19 have mild to moderate symptoms that can safely be managed at home. However, if you re very ill and your SwiftMD believes that you need hospital care, they will refer you to a local emergency room.

If I have COVID19 symptoms, does this mean that I have COVID 19?

No these symptoms can occur because of the common cold, flu, or other health issues. But they can also be COVID19. We recommend that you book aa telemedicine visit with your swiftMD to discuss your specific symptoms and testing options.


How to prevent COVID 19?

The best ways to protect yourself are the simplest, use hand sanitizer or wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20seconds with soap and water as frequently as you can, avoid traveling and keep at least 1 meter away from others.


Are house calls safe during coronavirus?

We have implemented safety measures for house calls to keep patients and medical teams safe: medical teams wear PPE (such as masks, gowns and, gloves), sanitize themselves and the equipment before and after each visit, and will sit 6 feet away from you, ideally in a well-ventilated private space, such as a back yard. You will also be required to wear a mask throughout the house call

If you have symptoms in keeping with COVID-19, including fever, cough, shortness of breath, body aches, or sore throat you will be required to have a telemedicine visit with us, before any house calls.

Where can I get more information?

  • WHO coronavirus page link
  • Zimbabwe coronavirus statistics link

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